San Francisco City Hall was lit up in trans flag colors on SF TDoR because of advocacy by TAJA’s Coalition.

TAJA’s Coalition has been a part of many events to stop the violence against trans women of color. On this page you will find a timeline of past events and descriptions of upcoming events. Check back here for how to get involved in our trans women of color community centered work!

Coalition Events Timeline

Coalition Events Timeline
February 10

2/10/ 2015 – TAJA’s Coalition was formed

Taja Gabrielle de Jesus was a beautiful soul who was unapologetically unafraid to always be herself. She had an infectious energy that, combined with her sweet nature, made her a delight to everyone whose path she crossed. And when she did cross your path, she always had a story to..Read More
February 28

2/28/2015 Queer #BlackLivesMatter rally – Castro Street

Organizers with Queer #BlackLivesMatter held the February 28 rally to mark the end of Black History Month and call attention to violence against trans women of color. One of those women, Taja DeJesus, was stabbed to death in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood last month. Ebar article discussing the assault and..Read More